Too often, waiting becomes a negative,

an interruption of our plans,

an undesirable delay,

preventing action,

a red light,

a long tailback,

an interrupted journey,

waiting to see the expert,


with watch checking,


wishing away the minutes,

maybe the hours.


Be still my soul.

See this time as a gift,

unexpected and free.

A chance to breathe deeply,

inhaling the life-giving power of God,

exhaling the cares and worries,

tension dissipating with each new breath.

Tine to surround a needy one,

with the light of love of the Lord,

holding them in the golden stillness,

their needs enfolded in his presence.


Cherish these ‘wasted’ moments.

Use them well.

Drink deeply at the wellspring,

that when it is time to move on,

you are refreshed and strengthened,

ready for the next demands.


Included by permission of the author, the Rev. Ros Murphy