Thought for the Month, Rev.Luiz Cardoso

BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE. As a church leader I am used to critics of the local church, to other people and even to the country. In a sense criticism is part of the process to seek a future that is different from the present, however complaining and criticism are becoming an addiction in the present age. People can complain about everything and everyone, some even say that complaining is becoming the national sport. The problem happens when complaining leads to a environment of consumption instead of service. We are called to serve and to commit to God and that is expressed in our service and commitment to our local church. So maybe the message in the middle of our present time and age is – “BE THE CHANGE THAT YOU WANT TO SEE”. That makes the whole difference because when we are called to be part of a local community we are also called to help to shape that community in a better place. We are part of the change that we long for. How releasing is that! I can be the difference and I can be the force used by God to heal and transform my church and the whole community where I am placed. So let’s volunteer to help where we see that changed is needed, let’s invite someone that is different from us to break the “group mentality” and let’s build a place that glorifies God and that is so awesome to be that everybody would like to be part. Let’s be the change that is needed!!!!!