Thought for the Month, Rev Sue Rowe

We’ve had Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, and Easter. Now we’re in the Easter season according to the church year. However, it’s also a time when we return to the normality of everyday life after all the excitement and celebration.

It can be hard to experience God at work in our everyday lives: making the breakfast, on the morning commute, having coffee at work or at home, answering e-mails, doing the shopping. It all seems so … ordinary. Yet it is in the detail of our lives that God is present. Think of the times your day has been made better (or worse) by a casual encounter or the way you’ve been treated by family or friends or at work. Those moments can make such a difference. Equally, how we conduct ourselves – whether we treat people with respect and courtesy or not – will make more difference than we know to them.

Jesus lived among ordinary people and did many ordinary things, but he illuminated the everyday by telling stories which revealed something of God in the familiar, he healed and taught, gave hope, made the ordinary extraordinary.

We might not be able to perform miraculous and dramatic healings in the way that Jesus did, but we can share with Jesus in sharing healing words, healing silence, consideration and care. Small, ordinary things which may make a big difference to someone we know.

Our daily lives are also holy.