Thy Kingdom Come 2021 – Day 11: Pentecost


Receive the Holy Spirit

In the Bible there are two accounts of how God gives us the Holy Spirit.
First, the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, today’s celebration.
But in John’s gospel, on Easter day itself, with the disciples locked away
like so many of us have spent the last year locked away, Jesus breathes
on them and gives them the Spirit. (see John 20.22)

Both stories have important things to say, but this year, with all the
challenges we face, and knowing what lockdown has done to us and
how many of us have slipped from the practice of our faith, I am
holding onto a picture of Jesus coming to each of us and breathing his
life and goodness into us. “Receive the Holy Spirit,” he says. “My spirit
of peace.” And then He sends us into the world: praying for others, and
serving them in the name of Christ.


Overflowing God, breathe the spirt of Jesus into me and into all those
who long for peace, especially those who have drifted from your way,
got stuck in their faith, or who have not yet found a way to believe.
You believe in them. Renew them by your Spirt. And today may your
Church be filled with joy.

Prayer Activity:

One of the symbols of the Holy Spirit is the Dove and you are invited to print out this template of a dove or create your own. Please add it to the prayer area you have been creating.

Thank you for joining us for ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ this year. We would like to encourage you to use all the shapes you have made into a reminder to continue to pray for your 5 friends. Perhaps a collage, a wall hanging, a journal entry….we would love to see your creations.



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