If you missed our Pentecost Service this morning don’t worry, you can catch up with all of the fun here!

We started our service with a song to get us in the mood for celebration! 

We then moved on to our wind twirler activity: 

What you will need:

Paper or Card in Pretty Colours

Foam Stickers or Paper Stickers

String or wool

Felt tips or coloured pencils


Hole Punch

How to make:

Print out the pattern on to paper or card. There a left-handed and a right-handed pattern to choose from.

Decorate with stickers or coloured pens/pencils inside the black lines

Cut out along the black lines.

Make a hole in the top of the twirler and push a piece of wool or string through the hole. Tie a big knot at the end of the yarn. Tie a loop at the other end of the yarn to hang the twirler.

Our memory verse for today is: 

God has poured out his love into our hearts by means of the Holy Spirit, who is God’s gift to us.”

These words can be added to your wind twirler. 

Watch this story of Pentecost whilst you decorate your twirler!

Our next activity was to create a flame headband!

  1. Use some plain paper to create a band that fits around your head (you may need to tape two pieces of paper together for this). 
  2. Create three flames using either coloured paper or plain paper coloured in red, orange and yellow. 
  3. The red flame should be the biggest with the orange a little smaller so it fits on top of the red and the yellow even smaller so it fits on top of the orange! 

Wearing our headbands and using our wind twirlers we were now able to join in with Rev. Sharon’s noisy version of the story of Pentecost: 

Our final activity was to create an origami dove…some of us found this pretty trick!

Finally Rev. Sharon introduced us to our Pentecost prayer and the Messy Grace: