A thought about COP26 by Deacon Pru Cahill

I am really excited to be going to Glasgow as part of the Jubilee Debt Campaign to take part in the People’s Summit for Climate Justice during the COP26 gathering.

Campaigning for the cancellation of unfair, unpayable debt was a campaign thousands of people took part in in the years before and after year 2000, indeed in those days we were called Jubilee 2000. Perhaps you were in Birmingham in 1998 or Cologne in 1999?!

In campaigning for the leaders at COP26 to make the decisions needed to limit and reverse the effects of climate change, the focus of JDC is to appeal for the writing-off of unpayable debts.

JDC website states that,

Campaigners and leaders from global South countries are demanding debt cancellation so that they can have some hope of adapting and rebuilding in the face of the climate crisis. 

Not only are they being ignored by rich countries, but worse still, climate disasters are leading to more debt as countries borrow to rebuild. It’s a vicious cycle.

I travel to Glasgow on November 4th and through a hospitality programme in the area will be staying in a private house a few miles north-west of the city and travelling in each day to be with other members of the team.

Watch out for news, pictures and updates. Please pray for COP26, those who will be attending, those we urge to make bold decisions, and for the safety of everyone in Glasgow during the event.

God Bless, Deacon Pru