Jubilee Debt Campaign – join us in taking action!

On Wednesday 15th September members of Jubilee Debt Campaign, Manchester are taking a petition and letters to the offices of HSBC and UBS, because they continue to demand billions of dollars in repayments from some of the world’s poorest nations, hampering these countries’ efforts to respond to and recover from the pandemic.

If you feel passionately about this and are able to join us, we will meet outside Rylands Library, Deansgate at 11.30am to walk to the banks.

Alternatively and in addition, 

You can urge banks to #CancelTheDebt:
by writing to HSBC, UBS, Blackrock and JP Morgan and ask them to #CancelTheDebt

You can write to them by following these links:
● Christian Aid: caid.org.uk/cancelthedebt
● Jubilee Debt Campaign: jubileedebt.org.uk/actions/tellthebanks
● Global Justice Now: globaljustice.org.uk/debt
● CAFOD: cafod.org.uk/privatedebt

For more information, contact Deacon Pru