Strength and Encouragement For Believers

Dear Believers!

We live in a serious hour. No one can deny that. All of us, regardless of where we live, are faced with the knowledge that life has changed dramatically. It happened so quickly, too.

When the stories and statistics about the COVID-19 pandemic were first mentioned, the news seemed to have little importance to most of the world except for those immediately affected. Then suddenly the reports became larger than life itself.

Foundations that seemed solid just a few months ago are crumbling. Confidence in governments and social structures around the world have been shaken, some perhaps beyond repair!

You and I are living in extremely turbulent yet exciting days on this earth! In fact, I don’t remember ever seeing so many reports of the institutions of this earth falling apart—politically, morally, financially, and spiritually—all at the same time!

Yet at the same time, God is doing something truly remarkable, historic, and breath-taking if we only understand the divine, covenant connection between the upheaval we are facing and what’s just ahead for believers.

What we have to do in these circumstances? Just 2 things, read the Bible and Pray!

1. Bible Study:

When troubles in life come, God’s great and precious promises are what keep us from becoming infected with fear and doubt. God’s promises are found in only one place: the Bible. Daily doses of the Word of God are required for continuing spiritual growth.

2. Prayer:

Prayer is like a healthy dose of vitamin C we take at the first sign of a cold-the, first thing we should do when troubles come. Pray for strength, pray for wisdom, pray for help. And most of all, pray for endurance and faithfulness. In prayer we claim God’s promises.

Psalm 91:14-15 says, I will greatly protect you. I will set you in a high place, safe and secure before my face. I will answer your cry for help every time you pray, and you will find and feel my presence, even in your time of pressure and trouble.

We must continue to trust God because, in time, he will fulfil all his promises. So only focus on God and stay safe in his presence and get Ready to receive his blessings.

God is causing His people to be ignited with a new love and fellowship with the Father. He is bringing an amazing freshness and anointing for those who allow His Word to penetrate into the realm of the Spirit and move mightily.

I believe that Almighty God is stirring up an anointing for worship and prayer in His people that we have never experienced, and that each of us will be better prepared to do battle in the spiritual realm unlike any previous time. We are promised that nothing is impossible with God. Just Believe it!

God wants to do something powerful in your life, in your family and in your church. Revival is coming. A change is taking place, right now! Also, get ready for a new season of overflow!

Even in the midst of fearsome news reports about Coronavirus, economic uncertainties, and political turmoil, I truly believe that we are at the edge of an amazing, unprecedented turnaround for Christians who are prepared.

And as we move into this fresh season, God is about to pour extraordinary abundance into our hands, just as He did with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Israel, and Solomon.

Thank you for being faithful to God during this time of uncertainty. You are precious to God, and God love you so much. God Bless you all, your families and your church. Keep Praying for me and my family as we do for you all.

Stay Safe, be Alert and Keep Praying! God Bless you All.

Noel and family.