A thought for the Big Issue Vendors

Walking round town this morning there was a group of people I noticed as missing – the Big Issue sellers. You may not be aware that for the last few months Central Hall has been a hub for venders to collect copies to sell. This started off as a very practical arrangement last July but some of the venders have become customers of Cafe Central and part of our family. Our link at Big Issue, Ruth, has sat in Befrienders a number of times and had conversations with potential vendors. Ruth’s dad is an anglican priest in the south of England and had said to Ruth that Methodists are good people!  Today that feels like a challenge as well as an affirmation.
This is a difficult time for those who make their living in the city. At a time when many are asking “what can we do?”, perhaps those of us who have a guaranteed regular income can support those who don’t. And perhaps those of us who know the answer to, “from whom does our help come?” can pray for those who don’t (yet) know.
Deacon Pru