An Advent Crown for Home

Each year many of our churches share an advent crown.  A red candle is lit each Sunday through Advent and then on Christmas day we light the white central candle.

The red candles represent:

  • The People
  • The Prophets
  • John the Baptist
  • Mary

And the white one, Jesus as light of the world.

This year we cannot be together in our church buildings so we invite you to join us in making Advent crowns at home and lighting the candles each Sunday morning just after 10.30 am.

Making your own

Base:  You could use a tray covered in foil both to protect it and provide a reflective surface.

Candles:  You will need five candles.  Traditionally we use 4 red and one white, but the colour is not really important although it is good if they are new and the fifth candle is bigger than the others.

You can buy pillar candles, thick ones that stand up by themselves from supermarkets and other shops.  If you use thinner candles you will need holders for them.  

Decorations: On the tray you can add some Christmas balls and/or holly.  Avoid tinsel and other flammable materials.  Make sure none of the greenery is near a naked flame.

Alternatively you could print this template  from can be coloured in and used with tealights.

Safety warning

Never leave candles burning when you are out of the room for any time.  Make sure they are out when you go to bed. Keep the Advent crown out of reach of small children and other members of your household who may struggle to understand that flames burn etc.

Share with us

Prayers to use for lighting the candles will be shared each week and we would love to see pictures of your home made Advent crowns which can be sent to