Christian Aid Week

Join us in Prayer:

We invite you to pray for all of those who are involved with the work of Christian Aid and to give thanks for all of the wonderful work that they do. 


This Christian Aid Week we ask you to make a small donation to Christian Aid through our  e-envelope.

Learn and raise awareness:

Learn more about this important cause. Please visit the Christian Aid website and read up on the wonderful work that is being undertaken to end poverty and injustice worldwide. Help raise awareness of their work by liking/following Christian Aid on your social media profiles and sharing a link on your page.

Find Christian Aid on: 

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Join our Quiz: 

Zoom Link        

Meeting ID: 841 4119 8605

If you would like to join by phone: 

– Please dial: 0131 460 1196   

– You will then be asked for the Meeting ID: 

   841 4119 8605    

– Press the hash key #      

– Wait a few seconds and press the hash key again #

If you wish to be part of this special evening, either by Zoom or phone, please email Rev. Krystyna.

If you are joining by phone, let Rosie know (07758 011362) so that she can provide you with the Picture Round. 

Download your answer sheet here.