Daily Advent Reflection: 15th December 2020

2 Corinthians 4: 6–9

I wonder about your glass. Is it half-empty or half-full? Are you an
Eeyore or a Tigger? Or maybe you don’t live at either end of this
optimism spectrum, but like me you oscillate around the midpoint,
sometimes feeling the negative, or sometimes the positive.

It’s difficult at this time of year to stay on the bright side when the
weather is inclement, the days are still drawing in and it’s dark in the
morning and dark in the afternoon before children even come home
from school.

Particularly difficult this year with Covid hanging over us and many
loved ones not here this Christmas. Yet the light of Christ comes to us
in the form of a BUT. Paul encourages us to see our world in one way
BUT to experience it in another. We can see the light that shines out
of our darkness because the face of Christ was born of Mary, walked
our walk, died our death BUT rose again.

Al Lowe

May the light of Christ shine through your glass this Advent giving an
experience beyond the harsh reality of the here and now.