Daily Advent Reflection: December 12th 2020

Isaiah 52: 7–10

In one of the most vivid of all passages of scripture, God’s victory over
the mighty Babylonian Empire is declared.

In their mind’s eye the sentries on the city walls of Jerusalem see the
victor coming.

It is as if even the very broken-down walls are singing for Joy. When
Joe Biden’s election victory over Donald Trump was announced
people, in downtown Philadelphia, many of them black or ethnic
minorities were dancing with happiness. It seemed that some part of
their oppression had been brought to an end.

For the eyes of faith, God has acted through his agent the Persian King
Cyrus to defeat the Babylonians and redeem Jerusalem. The threat
and weight of oppression have been lifted.

Often, we only look for God to free individuals and bless us personally.
We fail to recognise that God is active in our world and that God is
working for liberation on the big the stage of world events as much as on
the little stage of our personal lives.

Ken Stokes

Loving God help us to open our eyes to your presence not just in the
quiet moments of stillness in our church buildings but in the big events
and actions of the wider world. So, may we too learn to sing ‘our God
reigns’ and believe this is true in all time and all places. Amen.