Is our faith the opposite of dis-ease?

We are increasingly aware of the way that physical harm spreads,

through germs, viruses, genetic variations, harmful substances …

leaving a trail of problems,

misery, pain or hardship in their wake.

We try to alleviate symptoms,

but seem unable to eradicate causes and ongoing problems

as diseases spread across the world of living beings.


What if faith spreads in similar ways,

crossing human boundaries,

changing people’s attitudes,

inspiring helpful words or actions,

leading to a kind of wholeness

despite physical or mental problems?


So much effort, wealth, resources, facilities, people

work together to prevent and alleviate dis -ease.

Could it be that we need to focus too, through the power of God’s Spirit,

on spreading the transforming power of faith across our troubled world.?


Strengthening God,

inspire us to share our faith ,

to bring ease, not dis-ease

to countless needy situations

as we live out our brief time here in your Kingdom on Earth.


By permission of Rev Ros Murphy