For Students

Manchester is a vibrant, multi-cultural city with lots of opportunities to explore faith, identity and relationships. For this reason, living as a student in the city can be both exciting and challenging at times. Being part of a Christian community during your time at college or university can be extremely helpful and provide an important base to return to again and again in the business of life and studies. 

Around the universities and close to student accommodation you will find both local churches and innovative city centre projects. 

We have a number of churches in the Greater Manchester area who would love to welcome you to join their faith communities. Check out our churches page to find one local to you.

The Student Christian Movement is a community of students, past and present, and it is community that is at the heart of who they are and how they do things. Wherever students find them and however they engage, they are SCM’s purpose; supporting them to be, and, where they are open to it, to grow in their lives and faith.

If you are seeking community SCM can help you find a local church or group. 

Launched in November 2023, Your Space are an online Christian community which exists to provide a safe, welcoming space where every individual can feel truly accepted and free to just be. Your Space offer both ‘real-time’ online gatherings on Zoom, which usually take place monthly on a weekday evening, as well as discussion within their Facebook group. Find our more on their website or by connecting with the team on social media.