Nexus Update…exciting times ahead!

We have some exciting news!!!

Baby steps, but we are getting there!

We don’t have our beloved basement anymore but we are working on a mobile Nexus that can come to you!

Its going to cost us a lot of money though, and so we are in the process of looking for funders. What we need is to prove that you loved us, and miss us!

On Friday 1st September, we will be on the lawn outside Manchester Cathedral, creating a piece of art to show that the community supports us. Can you come and join us? You’ll just need your feet!

We’ll be there between 11am and 2pm with some refreshments (sorry, we couldn’t make them this time, but if you come down and ask me I’ll give you our famous brownie recipe) looking for signatures and footprints for a letter of support, to persuade the funders that our unique blend of art, spirituality and CAKE is something the city centre needs.

We can’t wait to see you again!