Prayer of the Month, April 2020

Dear Lord,

We are all struggling in these challenging times. Concern for our loved ones, our friends, for those we don’t know and have never met. Comfort us with your love and care shown through the support and care from others who may well be strangers. Comfort the bereaved, heal the sick, strengthen the faint hearted and help the distressed. We think and pray especially for those who are working so hard to support those who are ill and to protect those who are well. Grant them strength and wisdom and let your love shine upon them and give them strength.

Help us God, our Father, to understand the real message of Easter, despite all that is going on, that through the death and rising again of our Lord Jesus Christ we learn of your great love for us, May we know how he lives today in the hearts of those who love him and find for ourselves the true joy of Easter in the presence of the living Lord.


Angela Ralph