Prayer of the Month, October 2022

Gracious God,

We are living through times of great change with the end of the life of Elizabeth 11, the new King Charles, a new Prime Minister, a war which threatens to escalate in the Ukraine, the effects of climate change, soaring prices. We acknowledge that change is always part of the life you have given us.

We can sometimes enjoy change; at other times we accept the challenge of change; sometimes it threatens to overwhelm us. Through all change, we know that we can turn to you and trust in your enduring presence and unchanging love for us.

We ask for your guidance as we face the ongoing changes in our world, our Country, our communities and our personal lives. Help us never to despair, to engage with change, to consider thoughtfully our way forward as individuals and as Church communities. Above all, may we always remember and follow your example of service. May our thoughts, prayers and actions focus on those who we know will suffer most from war, climate change and rising prices.

Unchanging God, grant us resilience, determination, wisdom, compassion, strength and humility as we travel forward with you.

In the name of Jesus who is always our example and through the powerful presence of your Spirit in our lives, we pray.


Chris Davis