Thy Kingdom Come 2021 – Day 7: Help


Send your Holy Spirit

In order to live the way of life we see in Jesus, we need help. We can’t
do it on our own. We can’t manage in our own strength. Who can we
help today by our prayers and example?

As the Church waits to celebrate the coming of the Spirit at Pentecost,
let’s remember that Jesus calls the Spirit ‘helper’.

God knows we can’t manage on our own. Of course we can’t. After
all, we are made for community with God and with each other. Jesus
makes this possible by uniting our humanity with God in his own
person. The Spirit is the spirit of Jesus, helping us become like Jesus
and uniting us to God. All we need to do is let go of the pride that
puts self first and cuts us off from God, and in the end from everyone
else as well.


Overcoming God, make me new in the Spirit of Jesus so that I can truly
become the person I am meant to be. And today may your Spirt help me
help others, especially those who have drifted from your way, or who find
it impossible to believe, or who are trapped by fear and guilt. Set me free,
God. Set me free to be myself. Free to help others.

Prayer Activity:

Cut out a flame shape. On one side write the theme for today

Use the prayer and perhaps add your own for those who especially need our prayers today.

Action: look at the action and write on the back of your flame or write in the journal.

Place at your focal point.



The full version of the “Thy Kingdom Come” Prayer Journal 2021 can be viewed here: Thy Kingdom Come – Prayer Journal 2021