Thy Kingdom Come 2021 – Day 8: Adore


Ambassadors for Love

The greatest gift of the Holy Spirit is love. We are most like Jesus when
we love and adore each other, and when we love and adore the world.
Love is not just romantic love. It is the complete self-giving that we
see in Jesus. This is the love the world needs if we are to navigate a way
though the huge challenges we face.

Following Jesus, returning to the life of his Church, means being part
of this great love affair. We become God’s agents of change, God’s
ambassadors for love in the world.

However small or fragile your faith is, most of us have strong feelings
of love. They are from God. Use this love to change the world. One
heart at a time


Quickening God, fan the embers of my little faith. Help me see that the
love I feel for those I love is from you. It shows me that you are real, that you
are love itself. Be my friend. And today, draw me back into the fellowship
of your church and help others, who also long for love and acceptance, to
find it in Jesus, the one who lays down his life for his friends.

Prayer Activity:

Cut out a flame shape. On one side write the theme for today

Use the prayer and perhaps add your own for those who especially need our prayers today.

Action: look at the action and write on the back of your flame or write in the journal.

Place at your focal point.



The full version of the “Thy Kingdom Come” Prayer Journal 2021 can be viewed here: Thy Kingdom Come – Prayer Journal 2021