Thy Kingdom Come 2021 – Day 9: Celebrate


Give us our daily bread

On the night before he died, Jesus had a meal with his friends.
Breaking bread and sharing wine, he said they were his body and
blood. He was giving them a way of understanding what his death and
resurrection would mean. He was also giving us, for all time, a way of
being nourished by his risen life.

It’s hard to be a Christian on your own. You cut yourself off from this
food and drink. And because faith is not a private thing, but a way of
life lived in community, then we need to nurture this life in celebration
with each other. This is what the church is: the bunch of men and
women who know how much they need each other and need God.
Join us. We need you.


Bountiful God, feed me with the bread of heaven, and give me today the
things I need for today and save me from wanting more than my share.
There are so many people who are hungry for love and thirsting for peace.
Help me to help others find their place at your table.

Prayer Activity:

Cut out a flame shape. On one side write the theme for today

Use the prayer and perhaps add your own for those who especially need our prayers today.

Action: look at the action and write on the back of your flame or write in the journal.

Place at your focal point.



The full version of the “Thy Kingdom Come” Prayer Journal 2021 can be viewed here: Thy Kingdom Come – Prayer Journal 2021