Thy Kingdom Come 2023: Day 5 – Gives

Prayer Activity:

Cut out a pair of hands. On one side write the theme for today “gives”.

Place at your focal point. 


As Christians we know Pentecost as the coming of the Holy Spirit on the Church, but 2000 years ago it was known as the Jewish festival celebrating the ingathering of the first fruits of harvest. It was a festival that attracted people from all over the known world to Jerusalem: a beautiful movement of unity in diversity – displaying God’s great abundance in the diversity of peoples, languages, food, and cultures. It is on that day, on those gathered people that the Holy Spirit was poured out, so all may hear of Jesus.

That day, Acts tells many were saved and they lived out their new unity in Jesus as they broke bread, prayed, worshipped together, shared everything they had and provided for those in need.

What incredible generosity – meeting both the spiritual and material needs of the people! The Church channelled the generosity of God and demonstrated His sacrificial love in their life together.

Today, all over the world, churches are meeting people at their point of need in practical life-changing ways: providing warm hubs in cold cities, food banks for those struggling with the cost of living, help with starting micro-businesses, and reaching out to young people who feel
society has nothing for them.

It isn’t always easy to preach and practise, to share and serve, to speak out for those who are disadvantaged or marginalised; but when we commit to showing the good news in words and actions, by the power of the Holy Spirit, there is a glorious witness to the truth of Jesus. By ourselves, we run out of strength, patience, or determination; but as we pray ‘Come Holy Spirit’ we are open to His abundant life and love, which makes the impossible possible!

Pause and Pray:

Take time to pause and pray for your five people, that they will come to know and experience God’s abundant love.

‘Living the Kingdom’ Action:

In what acts of sharing and serving might God be calling you to demonstrate His abundant love and practical care during Thy Kingdom

Find the full version of the TKC Prayer Journal 2023 here.