Tools with a Mission update

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to our joint campaign with Tools with a Mission. Here is a list of all of the wonderful contributions we received that have now been collected by the local TWAM rep.


10 sewing machines

4 knitting machines

1 knitting machine table

2 boxes of Bibles

1 large suitcase, 2 boxes and 5 large bags of material

1 box of patterns and knitting needles

16 bin bags of wool and yarns

2 boxes and a bag of haberdashery items, cottons and buttons


4 garden spades

2 garden forks

a large bag of mixed garden tools


1 box technology items

14 tool boxes containing mixed tools

1 box of screwdrivers

1 box of saws

1 box of drills

1 box of hammers

1 grinder

1 box of chisels and trowels

1 box of planes

1 box of hacksaws and garden shears

1 box of assorted tools + a drill

4 clamps

1 box of spanners

12 boxes and bags of tools