Advent Reflections 2022: 10th December

Matthew 6: 25-33
“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well.”

This passage from the Beatitudes reminds me of a story that I saw in one of the Christmas films being shown on TV. The story concerned a man of great faith whose sledge crashed leaving him injured and trapped. Three different sledges came along but he refused any help saying that God would save him. Eventually he died and went to heaven. He asked God why he had not been saved? God replied, “I sent all three sledges but you did not use them!” 

This passage seems to suggest a similar view to the sledge driver – you don’t need to worry about food, clothing or worrying itself. God will provide for all our needs without us having to lift a finger!

Of course, what Jesus is really saying is that we should get our priorities right. We should not concentrate on fashion or fine dining to the exclusion of our faith. Belief is about priorities and of course the main priority is faith. Once we have sought out God’s Kingdom and his righteousness then other concerns become subordinate.

We must not expect God to provide everything for us, but we should not put our physical needs first. As we approach the Christmas period perhaps we should consider our priorities and possibly spend less time on gifts and feasting, and more time on church-going?

Phil Davis

Lord of Creation,
we turn to you to dedicate / rededicate ourselves to your service.
Help us to continue seeking ways in which we can serve in your kingdom.
Help us to focus on you rather than on ourselves and to avoid selfish
desires coming between us and your righteousness.
Give us the faith to know what we really need in our lives, and to
concentrate on those things. Amen.