Butterfly Resurrection

Should our most favoured Christian symbol
be not a crucifix with a body,
nor even an empty cross
implying that Jesus is not imprisoned thereon,
but rather, a butterfly!
Look carefully.
A butterfly body and antennae
could be seen as a cross
reaching out to infinity.
Beautiful wings signifying

liberation from a seemingly lifeless cocoon,
from a corpse on a cross,
or entombment in a cave.
Not defeat but release
and freedom to soar in God’s sunlight.

The butterfly,
an ancient symbol of resurrection ,
but almost forgotten
when we focus too exclusively
on ‘the wrath of God being satisfied’,
missing the mysterious joy of God’s overcoming
physical death and evil
which we name resurrection.
Not just long ago for a man on a hill
but eternally for each of us with ‘eyes to see’,
for those with willingness to accept
God’s wonderful gift of eternal life,
empowered by his indestructible Spirit.
Christ is risen. He is risen indeed.
Butterfly, open our eyes to new life


Included by permission of the author, the Rev. Ros Murphy