Daily Advent reflection: 15th December

15 December Matthew 13: 44–46

What do we value most?
What is that buried treasure for which we
would be willing to sacrifice everything?

These parables remind us that the kingdom of God can cost us. The
treasure in the field is so valuable that the man sells all he has in
order to buy the field and have the treasure. The pearl is so fine that
the merchant sells everything he has to get the money to buy it. Two
thousand years ago, pearls were considered so valuable that when a
ruler wanted to flaunt his wealth, he would sometimes dissolve a
pearl in vinegar and drink it in his wine!

It challenges each of us to ask ourselves how much we are prepared
to give for the sake of the kingdom?

What are the sacrifices we are being called to make in order to see
God’s kingdom, his reign grow in the world?

Whatever it is for us, God’s kingdom is worth it.

I wonder where you see the kingdom in your everyday life. If you
were writing a parable today, how would you write the story?

The kingdom of God is like a football match …………?

The kingdom of God is like gardening …………?

If we keep seeking, we’ll find the kingdom of heaven is nearer than
we think.

Joy Rulton

Loving God, let me seek you in desiring you; let me desire you in seeking
you; let me find you in loving you; let me love you in finding you.


(Saint Anselm)