Daily Advent reflection: 1st December

1 December Isaiah 11: 1–9

At root, this passage is all about trust: trust in a righteous and
God-fearing leader, which in turn leads to a deep trust between
those within the community and the whole creation, and to a
wonderful harmony and fullness of life for all.

In practice, it can be hard to trust others, especially if we have
been hurt in some way: and, certainly in the lives of communities
and nations, trust now seems to be in short supply.

But the message is always one of hope. A hope which has a vision
wider than that which sees only discord.

We can sow seeds of hope. We can do that through keeping our
eyes and hearts focused on Jesus, and offering words and actions,
however small, which point to the wonderful ultimate truth
revealed in this passage.

Sue Rowe

Loving God, help us to trust you, whose faithfulness does not fail,
and help us to walk in your paths.