My Rainbows

Whilst I am praying today

the morning sun shines through the suspended ‘crystal’ in my window

scattering rainbow fragments across the room.

I can see no link between crystal and rainbows

yet an invisible ‘something’ binds them together.

A cloud obscures the sunlight and the link is severed.

Rainbows disappear, only to return when the sun’s rays are no longer blocked.


So too is prayer.

The ‘energy of our concern’ through the sunlight of the Spirit,

can scatter rainbows in the world.

We cannot observe the linking mechanism,

but it is there, as surely as the link between sun and rainbows.

We know, because we perceive the rainbow effects

in the lives of others.

We cannot control the influence of our prayer.

That, like the sun’s rays, is the work of the Spirit,

but when the clouds of our inattention, distraction, busyness

obstruct that Spirit, there will be no rainbows.


Ever-present God, make us channels for the rainbow impact of your love.


Included by permission of the author, the Rev. Ros Murphy